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Frequently asked questions

How can one briefly explain the essence of Physical Vascular Therapy?

The BEMER Therapy is indicated for the alleviation of conditions that are caused by, appear in conjunction with or cause complications related to impaired microcirculation due to a weak vasomotor.
The purpose of BEMER Therapy equipment is to increase the limited frequency of contraction of small and very small precapillary arterial blood vessels (<100 microns), thus improving blood distribution in the capillary network of the microcirculation.

What is meant by microcirculation?

Microcirculation is the part of our circulatory system, which ensures the supply of each cell of the body through a regulated flow of blood with the necessary oxygen, but also with nutrients. At the same time, microcirculation is responsible for flushing out metabolic end products, such as carbon dioxide, incurred by the cell operations. As the word "micro" suggests, we are dealing with extremely small vessels, since the cells are very small (body cells are not visible to the naked eye). Thus we have in our body a huge network of tiny blood vessels, some of which are 4x thinner than a hair.
microcirculation consists of various structures: the tiniest blood vessels (arterioles, capillaries, venules), initial (standing at the beginning) lymphatic vessels and the interstitial space (space between blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and cells).

Why is microcirculation so important for a person's health and performance?

Scientific evidence confirms that a person's health and performance largely depend on a functioning microcirculation.
In all higher life forms the supply of oxygen and nutrients and vital information to the cells via hormones and neurotransmitters, the disposal of "waste products", immune defense and much more are regulated by blood circulation. The performance and operability of every single cell in the body, the muscles, joints, organs, glands, immune system, etc., it all depends on an optimal supply and disposal through microcirculation.

Why does impaired microcirculation lead to a decrease in performance and may cause premature aging and disease?

Impaired microcirculation can lead to a lack of energy in the cells, due to a resulting insufficiency in supply and disposal. This initially results in reduced performance and, later, a malfunction of the affected cells. When many cells of an organ or tissue are affected, symptoms will appear accordingly which can then be defined as a disease.
Cells suffering a lack of energy, can not deliver their full performance. Most cells have a certain life span after which they are renewed. Cells that have a lack of energy, die prematurely.
Even our white blood cells - and thus the effectiveness of our immune system - are directly dependent on microcirculation and the energetic state of these cells.

What are the main causes of circulatory disorders in microcirculation?

The causes of circulatory disorders, poor performance, premature aging and disease in people living in industrialized countries are primarily due to their lifestyle.
The living conditions of the 'civilized' people which are often portrayed in medicine as risk factors, such as lack of exercise, obesity (poor diet), psychological stress and increasing environmental pressures, lead to impaired blood flow and are therefore the main cause of premature aging and the development of disease.

Why can the Physical Vascular Therapy be used in cases of disease?

The BEMER Therapy improves blood flow, i.e. circulation, through a strengthened microcirculation, the effects of which can be felt. It has fundamentally beneficial effects on the alleviation of conditions. Without a functioning microcirculation, it is very hard to even achieve a healing effect.
The BEMER Therapy is an alleviating measure that supports the performance and self-healing powers of the organism. At the same time, it forms the basis on which both conventional medical therapies and natural remedies can can be more effective. It represents the ideal team player with all known therapies.

Can BEMER Therapy cure illness?

The Physical Vascular Therapy is not a disease-specific therapy. Through its effects on microcirculation and the resulting improvement in supply and disposal of the body cells, these cells can once again produce and provide increased amounts of energy and thus resume their tasks (production) with encreased vigor. Through this "increase in production" and the consequent increased range of cellular products, the body can re-enable its regulatory circulation. Thus, the body helps itself and can promote healing.

Why do we recommend Physical Vascular Therapy?

The BEMER Therapy is indicated for the alleviation of conditions that are caused by, appear in conjunction with or cause complications related to impaired microcirculation due to a weak vasomotor.

Are there scientific studies on Physical Vascular Therapy?

Yes. Over the years the Physical Vascular Therapy has been scientifically studied with a view to a variety of issues, and these results have been published.
Only through this scientific work and its results has it been possible to achieve certification as "Physical Vascular Therapy" and to create and establish a new form of vascular therapy.
As a result, the "Physical Vascular Therapy" sets a new standard, which has been recognized by the certification and whose indications listed under "Why we recommend the Physical vessel BEMER?" have been proven.
Currently, the scientific database includes more than 500 pages of scientific studies on a wide range of applications for which the "Physical Vascular Therapy" has proven its dedication and adjuvant effect. So far, 3 books, 12 PubMed listed studies and about 50 other publications have been published.

Why is Physical Vascular Therapy encreasingly being recommended by physicians?

  • Because it approaches one of the major causes of disease (hypoperfusion and lack of energy) and shows treatment-related effects (increased Quality of life, performance). \
  • Because it supports many inherent self-regulating mechanisms (hence broad spectrum). \
  • Because during standing use, no hazardous side effects have been observed. \
  • Because it can be applied to improve performance for faster regeneration for physical and/or mental stress, alleviation of disease or for faster wound and bone healing. \
  • Because it can easily be combined with any other treatment method. It can boost the effect of drugs and may lead to a reduction in the dose of medication. \
  • Because it can often be effective where conventional treatments no longer show results (in so-called untreatable cases). \
  • Because its effectiveness is scientifically proven. \
  • Because its mechanisms of action are practically and theoretically substantiated and proven in many years of practical application. \
  • The BEMER technology and BEMER PRO/CLASSIC systems have been tested and approved as medical devices. Through more than 15 years of constant research and development work the Physical Vascular Therapy has been certified as the world's first Physical Vascular Therapy, as its clearly positive effect on impaired microcirculation could be proven scientifically. \
  • It is equally suitable for medical professionals and for the end user. \
  • The Physical Vascular Therapy is a therapy that directly affects disturbed microcirculation, without being limited by this disorder. \

Which contra-indications are there?

Each organ and cell transplantation (z. B. Bone marrow transplantation), which is applied in an immune suppressive and medically prescribed therapy, is an absolute contra-indication for the BEMER application.
The body recognizes grafts (foreign organs and cells) as an intruder and foreign to the body and attempts to divest them (rejection); Therefore, it is necessary to suppress the immune system with medication.
The Physical Vascular Therapy strengthens the immune system, which is not desired in this case.

Are interactions with the Physical Vascular Therapy and other medications or therapies possible?

As with any potent therapy, there may be interactions under certain circumstances. Therefore, we recommend that a doctor/therapist assess the disorders, symptoms or diseases before the application of BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy.
In the presence of the following conditions, a physician is to be consulted before using the BEMER Therapy.
* Unclear fever
* Infectious diseases
* Severe cardiac arrhythmia
* Severe psychosis
* Uncontrolled seizures (eg. As epilepsy)
* Long-term use of β-receptor antagonists
* Long-term use of corticosteroids
* Long-term use of coumarin derivatives

Of other anticoagulants such as aspirin or non-steroidal drugs such as diclofenac or other blood pressure medicines such as calcium channel blockers and angiotensin receptor antagonists, no interaction with BEMER Therapy is known.

Can I use the BEMER Therapy with metal implants, or do I have to consult my doctor?

Due to the low intensity of the magnetic field, which is used to transfer the BEMER-specific signal, the BEMER Therapy can be used with all metal implants (surgical screws, plates, suture clips ...).

Can I fully apply the Physical Vascular Therapy during pregnancy, with a tumor or serious illnesses?

In pregnancy, tumor desease and all serious illnesses that require continuous medical treatment and medication, the alleviating measure of Physical Vascular Therapy is to be discussed with the attending physician.

May the Physical Vascular Therapy be applied after a recent stroke?

The application of the Physical Vascular Therapy after a recent stroke depends on the nature of the present stroke. Here, the treating physician must be informed and consulted.
In stroke events that lie farther in the past, the application of Physical Vascular Therapy mainly depends on the prescribed medication. Under the current state of knowledge, the Physical Vascular Therapy can be applied easily in most cases. Please contact your physician.

May the Physical Vascular Therapy be applied in the presence of closures due to blood clots or thrombosis?

Yes, but after consultation with the treating physician since you may need a readjustment of the dose of medication needed.

Can Physical Vascular Therapy dissolve vascular calcifications?

Vascular calcifications are mainly fixed to the vessel wall and are very hard. These can not be dissolved by the Physical Vascular Therapy according to the current state of knowledge.
However, small clots can be caused by impaired blood flow through larger calcifications (carotid, aorta ...) at the edges of the constrictions. These are treated in most cases by a blood-thinning drug therapy. In this case, please contact your doctor before the application.

Can the Physical Vascular Therapy be applied safely during a therapy with blood-thinning medications such as Marcumar or Warfarin (coumarin derivatives)?

For patients who regularly take blood thinners or anticoagulants,
close monitoring of the coagulation factors by the treating physician is urgently
recommended as the BEMER Therapy may intensify or weaken the effects of these drugs.
The treating physician is to be informed in order to make any necessary adjustmenst to medication doses.

Can strong perspiraction occur during the application of the Sleep Program?

Each user reacts differently to the effects of Physical Vascular Therapy.
The Sleep Program promotes an increased and improved blood flow to the major organs responsible for metabolism at night. As we increasingly undergo metabolic and excretion processes during the night, there may be an increase in perspiration. This can be explained by the increased detoxification of the body.

May Physical Vascular Therapy applied for people with electronic implants?

The electromagnetic fields that are used in the devices for BEMER Therapy can cause no interference with pacemakers or defibrillators, if the equipment complies with European standards and when applied in accordance with the respective conditions of use.
[Opinion Dr. Lampadius (25.10.2012)]


Can side effects/interactions occur?

As side effects we understand occurring undesirable concomitants, e.g. allergies, bleeding, etc. In long-standing use, no hazardous side effects have been reported.
As with any potent therapy, there may be interactions under certain circumstances. Therefore, we recommend that a doctor/therapist assess the disorders, symptoms or diseases before the application of BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy. (See item 12a)

Does Physical Vascular Therapy promote the growth of tumors?

A tumor is a degenerate cell whose metabolism runs differently than in normal cells. In animal experiments it could be proven that the BEMER application does not promote tumor growth. To this day, despite decades of use and millions of applications, no such event is known.

Can a desease deteriorate despite the application of Physical Vascular Therapy?

The BEMER application supports the self-regulation and self-healing of the body. This is only possible if all other substances needed by the human body, are in adequate supply (nutrients, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.). If these substances are not sufficiently available, deficiency symptoms can occur (magnesium deficiency can lead to cramps in the calves, calcium deficiency may cause cramps in the arms or cardiac arrhythmias, etc.). Such deficiencies can of course not be overcome by the Physical Vascular Therapy.
If the organism is burdened with toxins (heavy metals, acids, etc.), this can lead to excretional reactions. Therefore, the excretion of such substances should always be supported by other means, especially plenty of uncarbonated water should be drunk.
By improving nerve conductivity, it is possible in some cases for pain to be subjectively felt more strongly. This is not a reason to discontinue therapy, but evidence of a positive effect.
In case of serious illness you must consult - if possible together with the attending physician - a practitioner familiar with the Physical Vascular Therapy or medical counselling before the date of application.

Is BEMER Therapy recognized by conventional medicine?

Conventional medicine is still dominated by a mechanochemical thinking (surgery and drug treatments). However, Physical Vascular Therapy is already part of conventional medicine as a alleviating measure. It experiences acceptance in medical societies, is a main topic of medical research groups and a current research subject at numerous universities. Currently it is even being considered in medical and scientific circles whether Physical Vascular Therapy should be included in the conventional medical treatment guidelines.
The official certification of Physical Vascular Therapy will afford yet another basis of conventional medical acceptance as its mode of action and the scientific evidence was officially recognized.

Is Physical Vascular Therapy paid for by health insurance?

It will not be paid for by the state insurance companies.
Many private health insurance companies have their own tariffs for additional alleviating measures, therefore, the assumption of the costs of Physical Vascular Therapy by private health insurance differs from company to company.

What are doctors' postitions on Physical Vascular Therapy?

More and more doctors embrace "integrative medicine". There, Physical Vascular Therapy lies very much ahead in its acceptance. The doctors offer it as 'personal health services' (IGEL Service) which must be paid by the patient. In Germany, Physical Vascular Therapy already holds a leading position among such services. With its recent certification, BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy is the gold standard among physical vascular therapies and is unique in the world in its mode of action.