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Fussball-Akademie Károly Sándor

Karoly sandor

„For the past few months we’ve been successfully using BEMER therapy for our under 19s team on a daily basis before training sessions. After the players have been through intensive training, we use the therapy afterwards too, for speedier recuperation.

We can see just how great an effect the daily 2 x 8 minute treatments have on player performance and recuperation levels. The advantages are clear, and not just from a sporting perspective. Since our players don’t have that much leisure time, short periods of treatment are very convenient for them. We also use BEMER effectively for preventive and rehabilitation measures - for example the intensive treatment of torn ligaments, pulled muscles, bruises, traumas or local oedemata.“

Domaines d’application


Traitement en cas de maladie, soutien de la réaction immunitaire, activation des forces d'auto-guérison grâce à la stimulation de la microcirculation.


Influence positive sur le bien-être général, la santé et l'amélioration de la qualité du sommeil. Tout cela engendre une meilleure qualité de vie.

Augmentation des performancesAugmentation des performances

Soutien du métabolisme pour l'augmentation des performances, renforcement des capacités réactionnelles, réduction du risque de blessures sportives, régénération plus rapide.