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Tina Weirather

Tina weirather

I have been using BEMER for quite some time and am convinced that the treatment has greatly relieved the injuries I sustained during the last few years. I often have back pain and bruises – especially very painful and protracted bruising caused by my ski shoes. I use BEMER to alleviate this and notice that my injuries heal considerably more quickly with BEMER than without it. I have been pleasantly surprised many times to find that I can regenerate far more quickly with BEMER after tough training sessions, making it possible for me to train more intensively.

Domaines d’application


Traitement en cas de maladie, soutien de la réaction immunitaire, activation des forces d'auto-guérison grâce à la stimulation de la microcirculation.


Influence positive sur le bien-être général, la santé et l'amélioration de la qualité du sommeil. Tout cela engendre une meilleure qualité de vie.

Augmentation des performancesAugmentation des performances

Soutien du métabolisme pour l'augmentation des performances, renforcement des capacités réactionnelles, réduction du risque de blessures sportives, régénération plus rapide.